Network Consultation

We offer free on-site consultations for anyone in the East Midlands area, if you are outside of this area please contact us for a quote.

Our network consultation includes discussion and analysis of:

Many different factors such as building materials, size and format can impact Wi-Fi performance. These factors change the placement and number of access points we suggest installing. We take all of this into account when designing your new network.

Discussion of the issues you are facing with your current network are vital. We can provide insights as to why your are having issues and use that information to tailor our installation for you, to ensure the best Wi-Fi coverage possible. 

Your Wi-Fi environment is very important. Neighboring interference from other devices can greatly impact your experience. We offer analysis of your local Wi-Fi environment and actively mitigate any interference. 

Your home is your castle, so we make sure to discuss our methods of running Ethernet before carrying out any installation. This is to make sure you are happy with our work and receive the most discreet solution possible.

After taking in all these factors, we then put together a network plan. This includes the type of equipment, placement of access points and methods of installation. We can then offer a quote for your tailored solution and provide a summary of our consultation in an email.  

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