Custom Ethernet Cabling

The beauty of the Unifi kit we install is the one cable set up. The Ethernet cables we install have two jobs, to transmit data and to power the access points. This is called power over Ethernet (PoE). This means they don’t need to be plugged in to precious power outlets around your property. They just work.

Why is Ethernet still relevant?

While we are a specialist Wi-Fi company, Ethernet still remains the best way to reliably connect any device. So that’s why we offer cable runs to high bandwidth devices such as computers, games consoles and smart TV’s to make sure no matter who’s online in your home, everyone can connect without any holdups. Wireless may ‘be the future’ however nothing outperforms a solid connection.

How we deploy our cabling:

Our Ethernet solutions range from the smallest patch cables to hundreds of metre runs to outbuildings and sheds. We try to be as discreet as possible with our cable runs by using the most appropriately coloured cables and clips, hiding runs along skirting boards and under floorboards or even around the outside of properties using outdoor rated cabling. We try not to run through cavities in walls as cable fishing can be a damaging and messy process. 

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