Wireless Access Points

A wireless access point (WAP) is a device that creates its own wireless network. Once it`s wired into your internet connection they can be strategically placed to provide high performance Wi-Fi anywhere. 

Why we use Unifi

We specialise in using Ubiquiti Unifi access points. You may have noticed these in businesses around the country as they are a very popular enterprise solution. Their sleek design, easy to use software and fantastic performance make them an excellent choice for home Wi-Fi . They outperform almost any DIY networking solution such as boosters and powerline adapters while remaining discreet.

Why are access points better?

Wireless access points have a number of advantages over typical DIY home networking solutions:

Hard Wired

WAP`s are hard wired into your network. This means they dont have the pitfalls of boosters and range extenders which are wirelessly connected.

Multi-User ready

UniFi access points are designed for lots of devices to be connected at once. Even the most full and busy house won't slow down.

Top end wireless tech

Unifi access points use the latest in Wi-Fi technology to provide the best speed and range possible. Such as MIMO (multi input multi output) technology.

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