About Us

What we do

We provide intelligent and discreet networking solutions for student and domestic properties, giving residents the best possible WiFi experience and landlords a valuable asset for marketing their properties.

How we do it

By consulting with landlords, their tenants and homeowners, we provide a customised and unique networking solution to give each individual property the most seamless and optimised network possible.

Who we are

Two friends with an aptitude for technology working together to solve the problem facing students just like us.

Where we are

We are based in the East Midlands but are happy to travel throughout the UK.

Our Motivation

After years of student living, both together and separately, we came to the realisation that the properties provided to students rarely have sufficient Wi-Fi coverage or network infrastructure to support shared housing. After putting up with lackluster internet for our entire university careers, we decided that enough is enough and that there is a market for improving internet connections in student houses.

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