We are Roam at Home, a specialist Wi-Fi and network company! We pride ourselves on ensuring all of our customers get fast, reliable and strong Wi-Fi all over their property with our tailor made solutions.

Our mission is to provide intelligent network solutions tailor made for your property.

We specialise in using Ubiquiti Unifi equipment: 

After years of experience with numerous manufacturers, we found that Ubiquiti provides the greatest blend of quality, value and performance. Despite Unifi equipment being designed for the enterprise market, the products are so easy to use and reliable that we believe they are perfect for high end domestic applications. 

 The best way to ensure excellent Wi-Fi throughout your home. Simple.

Consultations are a vital part of planning any network. This is to ensure you get the best service possible. 

Custom ethernet cables are a part of every install we carry out, ensuring the most discreet implementation possible.

Per-Property Solutions

Every home is different, so it’s important to design each properties’ network for that unique environment.

Wi-Fi Interference Management

A big part of installing a strong network is analysing the interference and ensuring the optimum frequencies are used.

Post Installation Support

We stand by our products and services, so if you have an issue with anything we have helped you with please feel free to contact us.

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